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What's Ripe?
Blueberries, Gooseberries and Raspberries!


It's the time of year when a lot of fruit is ripe and ready for you to pick!

There are lots of ripe blueberries right now! It's easy picking! I mowed through the patch yesterday and there were lots of beautiful berries in the back part of the newer patch and also in the first blueberry patch. Blueberries are $3.49/lb

There are not very many cherries left in the trees. You're welcome to look for cherries if you're here for other fruit but there really aren't many left. Please only pick the cherries you can reach-lots of limbs are breaking out of trees as people pull on the branches to reach one more cherry. I know it's hard to leave them but the trees can only bend so far. We grow Montmorency Tart Cherries. These are the kind you use for cherry pie and cherry jelly. We love them straight off the tree or on vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. They are delicious but if you're expecting a sweet cherry you'll be surprised. These are supposed to be tart! Cherries are $2.99/lb

There are Gooseberries and Raspberries ripe as well! Gooseberries are tart, round berries that are great in pies or as a tart flavor in smoothies. We love to freeze them and eat them frozen. They are also delicious as a fresh snack. The raspberries need no introduction! Everyone knows how delicious and delicate a fresh raspberry is! The gooseberries and raspberries are $4.99/lb

We are open every day 7am-noon and 5pm-8pm for you to pick cherries at our farm off of Town Branch Rd in Marthasville.

Our Berry Patch is located at our farm off of Town Branch Road in Marthasville. From Hwy 47 turn onto Town Branch Road by K&R Market and then turn left onto the second driveway. Follow the road to the left and up the hill. The Berry Patch Market will be on the right once you reach the top of the hill.

We have containers for you to pick into or you are welcome to bring your favorite picking bucket!

Cherries $2.99/lb
Blueberries $3.49/lb
Gooseberries $4.99/lb
Raspberries $4.99/lb

We accept Cash, Checks, Debit & Credit Cards

The blackberries and peaches will be ready soon. Probably towards the end of June or early July.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Our Fruit

Here is the fruit we grow and the general times of ripening. The exact dates differ each year depending on the weather!

Strawberries: May
Cherries: June
Blueberries: June
Peaches: late-June thru early-September
Blackberries: June and July
Apples: mid-August thru October

A Word About Safety

Please Be Careful!
We strive to maintain a safe orchard environment. There are many fruits available that can be reached from the ground. If a piece of fruit is tempting you from the top of the tree, use the ladders at your own risk.
If you choose to use a ladder while picking fruit, Thierbach Orchards assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents. You must understand the inherent risks and dangers associated with using ladders in the orchard.
If you do choose to use this ladder, form a tripod between the pole and the ladder legs for stability. Do not climb to the highest rungs.

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